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Read below to learn the foundations, strategies, and tools that have allowed the Next Level System to create lasting transformations for countless people in pain.

"Lasting transformations are built on the bedrock of a solid foundation, sound strategy, and great execution."

- Dr. Mike Wehrhahn


You’re in pain and feel frustrated because there is a weakness in your foundation. Our system will identify the weakest link and give you everlasting results.

Regardless of location, severity, chronicity, and age, recovering from pain always relies on 4 key foundations. We call this the “4 Pillars of Recovery.”

Failure to fully address each pillar at the right time will lead to failure in your recovery. Understanding, strengthening, and having balance with these 4 foundations will guarantee you feel amazing.



If you have a legitimate structural injury, or internal process that will limit your ability to recover, that must be addressed first.



The thoughts and beliefs that you have about your pain have to be healthy, accurate, and empowering.



You have to possess acceptable levels of mobility and stability in basic functional movement patterns to live pain-free.



Once you possess good movement, you have to have strength and control over it so that it stays with you under stress.


Desperation and disappointments compound when improper strategies are in place. Everything we do has intent and purpose.

Once we identify the root cause of your pain, we will develop a personalized plan for your transformation from the very beginning.


Our 7 Level System is so comprehensive that we know with certainty you will overcome your current situation and feel amazing when you reach the top.  

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Physical Mastery


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Power & Capacity


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Position & Range


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Acute Management



Feeling pain-free can never happen without the proper tools to execute the plan. Our system will give you transformational changes, and will equip you with the right tools to feel pain-free for the rest of your life.

Connected systems are better

Once we identify the weakness in your foundation, understand which level you are at, and create a personalized strategy, it’s time to execute! We have combined the world's best treatment systems to ensure you become pain-free and have everlasting results. You will feel the difference at each session, and develop the tools necessary to maintain your pain-free lifestyle.

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