The 3 CRITICAL STEPS to Decrease Pain and Get Back to Doing What You Love

March 14, 2018

Discover the 3 key steps to find the right solution for pain and reclaim the life you deserve.

In this article you'll discover...

  • Why some people overcome pain and enjoy a fulfilled life while others fail to get pain-free.

  • The mindset necessary to overcome doubt and fear.

  • The 4 key questions you must ask yourself when finding the solution for your pain.

  • The power of choice and how people in debilitating pain overcame their problem to enjoy their life again.

This is a true story. 


Everything was going great for Karen.


She had a full-time job as a teacher and had a loving family with 2 kids. As an active member of her gym, she went to work-out classes every week with her friends. Her kids loved playing outside, so on her days off they would go hiking and ride their bikes around the neighborhood. She contributed her happiness and fulfillment to 2 values:


Health and family.


If she could nurture and protect these two, she knew she would live a fulfilled life.


But there was one problem… her active lifestyle depended on pain medication.


She was suffering from back-pain since college. What was once a small ache became a daily reminder that she was physically declining. She was proactive about it in the beginning and sought after treatment.


She went to a chiropractor who cracked her spine; her back would feel better for a few days but the pain would come back. She went to a physical therapist who gave her basic stretches and core exercises; she felt a little stronger but the pain was always lingering. She even tried acupuncture as she felt eastern medicine could lead her to a pain-free life. Unfortunately, this had failed her also.


As a last resort, she went to an orthopedic doctor. She got an MRI and X-ray. The doctor said there was no major damage, but that she could still do surgery. He explained it can give some relief but was not sure that it would completely get rid of the pain. The potential consequences of surgery were not worth the risk for Karen.


She felt hopeless. She was jaded by the healthcare industry and was worried she may have to depend on pain medication her whole life.


Her medication worked well in the beginning, but the length of its effects started to get shorter and shorter. She had to start missing work-out classes and would stay in on weekends while her husband took the kids out. She started gaining weight and her inactive lifestyle started to make her back pain worse. She felt discouraged as her self-esteem declined.


Although she did not show it, she was desperate. What once was a small pain had creeped in and affected all aspects of her life including what she valued most, her health and her relationships. She realized she was missing out on moments with her kids, husband, and friends. She refused to sacrifice a lifestyle she loved over her pain.

She finally had enough! She decided she must change.


She started to research her injury and what people were doing about it. She read success stories and understood what they did to overcome their injuries. She slowly started to gain confidence that she can be a success story also. She realized she made a mistake before of going to a practitioner without doing research. She would not make the same mistake again. She decided to have higher standards of what care she received. She researched clinics in the area, went on their website, looked at their reviews, and even talked to the practitioners. 


After a thorough research, she found a PT clinic in the area that she felt confident could treat her.


After 2 sessions though, she did not feel better. She was impatient and wanted the results now, but she acknowledged that this was a chronic pain and it would take time. She was committed to the result and decided to trust in the process.


After the 5th session she could really feel the difference. She was able to work out longer without feeling the aches and pain she was used to. She was spending more time with her kids and husband and was feeling confident with her progress.


After the 10th session, she was completely pain-free and off pain-medication. She not only regained her life, but she upgraded. She was back to doing classes at the gym with her friends, and spending time with her family on the weekends.

Why do some people, like Karen, overcome pain and regain their lifestyle, while others fail and ultimately sacrifice their lifestyle? Success stories like this have been studied down to a science and it comes down to 3 key points.


If you follow these 3 steps, I promise, you will start your journey back to a pain-free life.


1.  Make a commitment

People who have overcome pain have made a commitment to succeed. A conscious decision, that there must be a way out. Karen had reached a point where she had enough. She made a clear decision that she will do something about it. This single decision helped her focus her energy away from the problem and towards a solution. It was only when she did this that solutions started to appear for her (because she was looking for it!). As she saw more and more people in her situation succeed, it gave her momentum and courage to find a way.


If you are currently in pain, make a commitment, that their is a solution out there for you. That you will do whatever it takes. That you will overcome your pain and regain your life…that there is no other way.


2.  Set high standards for your solution

Karen refused to make the same mistake twice. She did research and set standards for her options. When looking for a solution, people with success made sure to have high standards for their recovery. With so many options, it is imperative to have guidelines that will help you understand who is actually qualified to treat you. Doing the due diligence from the start will help you avoid future failures.


Ask these 4 questions to give you clarity on your solution:


1) Did they take the time to understand where you were coming from?

You cannot offer a solution until you have a full understanding of the problem. Understanding is the most important step to successful treatment.


2) How open are they to address your concerns?

Do you feel pressured or rushed when getting your concerns addressed or are they open and patient with your questions?


3) What do other people say about them?

Do they have testimonials and reviews online? Are they open to sharing their client experiences with you? If others have had great experiences, the chances are high you will too.


4) Have they successfully treated someone in a similar situation as you?

Understanding other people’s experiences will give you more confidence in your decision. Especially if their pain was similar to what you are going through.


3.  Trust in the process

Once you make a decision and find a solution… it is crucial to trust the process. Success takes patience. When Karen had doubts in the beginning, she stuck through it. This allowed her to gain momentum and for the treatment to make changes in her body. Patience and trust is important to have long-lasting results.


After years and decades of pain, an overnight recovery is unlikely. Understanding that the body needs time to adjust and respond to treatment is important. Trust is crucial to stick through the times of doubt and to put in the effort necessary to make changes.

Karen avoided a life full of pain and sacrifice following these 3 key points to successful recovery. She went from masking her pain with medication and desperately living her life, to living a fulfilling pain-free life without pain meds. If you are currently in pain, just know that there is always a way! It all starts with step 1, making a decision. This will guide you to take action and lead you to a pain-free life.



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