Your core isn't weak. It's just out of sync!!

February 28, 2018

Your core isn't weak. It's just out of sync.


Have you been told by a physician or a therapist, that you need to strengthen your core? Have you been told that strengthening your core will solve all your problems?


If you are an upright human being who can sit up and walk, then your core is not weak.   


You may just need to re-synchronize your core. One of the things we work on, to help re-synchronize the core and the system, is breathing.


 One analogy we give people is that your diaphragm, the muscle that helps you breath, is the conductor and all the muscles are the symphony. If the conductor is offbeat, the entire symphony is offbeat.


Watch the video for a quick little exercise to retrain the breathing pattern and help to start resynchronize the system.


Using the balloon may seen goofy, but we use them to help facilitate proper diaphragm function.


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Edited and Published by: Katie Brindley, Client Manager



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