Do you have pain in your shoulder that is not getting better?

Do you have shoulder pain that's not getting any better?

The shoulder is made up of different bones. There is the clavicle or the collarbone, the humerus and the scapula. All of these pieces need to work together correctly. If they don't, you might get pinching or catching in the shoulder or experience some pain.

The big thing, that gets overlooked when it comes to shoulder pain, is rib positioning. The scapula or the shoulder blade sits on the ribs. If the ribs are in a bad position, the other bones are going to be in a bad position. One bone out of place, causes the rest of the bones to be out of place. This bad positioning can cause pinching or pain in the shoulder.

So when dealing with shoulder pain, it is important to make sure all the pieces are in the right place. If you are having shoulder pain or stiffness, reach out to us. We can take you through our assessment and find out what bone is out of place and causing the pain.

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Edited and Published by: Katie Brindley, Client Manager