Don't waste your time doing the wrong mobility exercises!

Do you find yourself stretching or foam rolling constantly?

Are you not seeing consistent changes in your symptoms or mobility?

There are 3 categories that need to be looked at when it comes to mobility deficits. If you understand these 3 categories, you can better understand your problem and how to address it.

Category 1 Soft Tissue Issues

These issues can be anything from tight muscles, trigger points or tight fascia. Some different interventions that are appropriate for these issues are foam rolling, the lacrosse ball, and massage. This is how 90% of people treat all mobility issues. When something is tight our first instinct is to roll it, stretch it, or massage it.

Category 2 Joint Restrictions

These issues are where the joint is too tight and not moving well. Some of these are impingement or a true frozen shoulder. Interventions for this can be the use of power bands or mulligan-type of techniques.

Category 3 Stability Issues

This is perhaps the most important category. You may have a stability issue that is masking itself as a mobility problem. Many of these issues are a result of poor positioning, poor air flow, and poor control. A lot of these can be fixed rather quickly if you can get to the root of that problem.

Before you truly classify a muscle as tight or a joint as stiff, it's really important to appreciate, is it even in the right position? If we can determine this factor and address it, a lot of these issues will naturally free up.

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Edited and Published by: Katie Brindley, Client Manager