Where you hurt, is not Why you hurt!!

One of the problems today is that we tend to treat our injuries in a very isolated manner. You hurt your knee, you get treatment for your knee. You hurt your back, you go get MRI's or xrays to see what is wrong with your back.

Our bodies are so complex, we need to realize that the site of your pain is not necessarily the source. It's important to understand that the joints in our bodies are designed to alternate between needing mobility and stability. This allows us to stay variable in the way that we move.

Let's start at the bottom of your body and look at your ankle. You need to have mobility in your ankle so you can squat down, so you can transition over your leg when you walk or you run. As we move upward, your knee needs to be stable. It can't be wobbling around or going every which direction. Your hips need mobility. Your core and your lumbar spine needs to be stable. Your mid and upper back need to be able to rotate and move freely. Your shoulder blades need to be stable. They need to be able to move smoothly and demonstrate stability as you move your arm. Your shoulder needs to be mobile and your elbow needs the same mobility.

The injury is because this pattern gets reversed. The joints that are supposed to be stable have given up the stability for mobility because something else has gotten stiff.

For example, if your upper back gets stiff, you will lose mobility there. This will cause your lower back to become more mobile, which is something it doesn't like to do. This happens to help you do your movements throughout the day. When this pattern gets reversed, is when we start having pain.

If you have an issue and only been looking at the site of the pain, you may likely need another solution. Reach out to us and we can help you find the REAL root of your issue.

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Edited and Published by: Katie Brindley, Client Manager