Four Pillar Approach to Rehabilitation

Anytime you get hurt, and you're looking to recover, there's four main pillars that have to be in line for that recovery to occur in an optimal way.


The processes that go on in your body to decrease inflammation and repair anything that's injured are a result of your physiology. There are a lot of factors that affect your physiology. Genetics, diet, sleep and hydration are just a few things that can affect your physiology.


What's your relationship with your pain? Are your thoughts and beliefs about your pain healthy? A lot of times people's main problem is how they are approaching their pain. So if your mindset is not in the right place, that too will impact your recovery.


This is where we spend a lot of our time at Next Level Physical Therapy. We address the dysfunctions you may have in your basic movement patterns. Those dysfunctions can translate into issues. We need to find that deeper driver, the deeper movement dysfunction and address that to help you get out of pain.


Capacity is your ability to maintain your movement when you put your body under stress. In a lot of patients, particularly athletes, we can fix those underlying movement dysfunctions and help them break out of the bad patterns. When those athletes go back to their sport, their ability to maintain those good movement patterns can sometimes be lost. This is because their aerobic capacity, their strength, their control over movement, and their power isn't at the level that it needs to be. This is typically where we'll intervene with strength and conditioning work and strengthening programs to help round out that pillar.

So with any injury you're recovering from, if you don't have all of these pillars working for you, your recovery is not going to be optimal.

Your recovery isn't as simple as, "I injured something, I just need to give it a few weeks to let it recover." There's a ton of factors that go into the rehab process, and if you don't honor the complexity of that, it's really difficult to make that full recovery and achieve that maximal durability that you're looking for.

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