Getting down to the core of the issue!

Do you have pain or tightness? Have you tried different things, but the tightness and pain keeps coming back?

These issues are like a fire. The fire is your pain, dysfunction or any other issues you are having.

Let's use the example of tight muscles. To help with tight muscles you may try foam roll, massage, stretching or trigger point release. These things might help you feel a little better, but the tightness always comes back. These things are like pouring water on the fire.

The fire might dim it down a little bit, but after awhile, it comes back. To help put the fire out we need to shut off the gas. The gas is the root cause of what is driving your issue.

If we address it from that root issue, and turn off the gas feeding the fire, it is going to give you the best longevity and durability. This will keep you doing what you love for as long as you can.

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Edited and published by: Katie Brindley