Why is my upper back so mobile?????

Why do we need thoracic mobility?

Why is the thoracic spine more mobile than the lumbar spine?

It really comes down to anatomy.

Lets compare the thoracic spine to the lumbar spine. First, look at the spinous process, which is the bone that sticks out in the back, in the thoracic spine, they're angled at a 60 degree angle. In the lumbar spine, they're angled at a 90 degree angle. The thoracic spine, based on its angle, can extend and fall into place onto each other. In the lumbar spine, since the spinous processes are at a 90 degree angle, they don't really have much room to move. That's why the thoracic spine is designed for mobility. The lumbar spine, which still has mobility, is designed more for stability.

Also, if we look at the body of the vertebra, we see that the lumbar spine are a little thicker. In the thoracic spine, they are a bit thinner.

These are some reasons why mobility comes from the thoracic spine, and more of the stability comes from the lumbar spine.

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Edited and published by: Katie Brindley, Client Manager