The most common error when stretching your hamstrings and what you can do about it!

If you have been to any of our clinics or follow us on social media, you're probably familiar with the idea that we don't look at mobility issues as having tight muscles that need to get stretched, massaged, or foam rolled out. Mobility has a lot more to do with control, core stability, and hip position. As people are latching onto this idea, we're seeing more of them incorporate this into their training.

The first video will show the correct way to do a common exercise to improve hamstring mobility. Please watch the video and continue reading.

Take the bands and lay on your back, with your feet together. First, pull down on the bands. If you follow the functional movement systems through or have seen anything like this, we're using bands to pre-engage your core. Next, kick up with your leg. It is important to make sure you reset after each rep. The reason we use bands to help engage the core, is if you first engage the core you should be able to move your leg a little bit further. This is because you have the appropriate stability taking place in order to express your mobility. Every time you pull down on the bands and pre-engage your core, you send your brain the message " I need to pre-engage this in order to express my mobility."

A lot of people are doing this wrong. The following video will show you how people are doing this same exercise incorrectly. Please watch the following video and continue reading below.

They are just pulling the bands down and holding them there, as they kick their legs back and forth. They are not resetting after each rep. Therefore, they are not pre-engaing the core each time and limiting mobility. It is important that you get the rhythm right with these exercises to help you get the full effect.

So, that's just a simple error we're seeing with these exercises. By following these simple steps you can gain some mobility.

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Edited and published by: Katie Brindley