3 Exercises (You've Probably Never Seen) for Tight Hips

Hip tightness plagues many athletes and active people. Most typically try to fix this problem by stretching and foam rolling their muscles. There's nothing wrong with those techniques (in fact, they're great when applied at the right time), but oftentimes there's a deeper issue at hand.

Frequently, especially in those who have chronic mobility restrictions or previous injury history, hip tightness stems from restrictions in the actual joint and joint capsule.

As a general rule of thumb, restricted joints always trump tight muscles when trying to fix mobility problems. A joint with good play can have it's motion limited by a tight muscle, but it's hard for muscles to stay loose in the presence of joint restrictions. Muscles surrounding restricted joints tend to develop trigger points and tightness because the joint restriction locks them into functioning in a limited range of motion.

While muscle tension is what we ulimately feel, these feelings are seldom fixed by directing all of our mobility work towards muscles. If you can free up deep joint restrictions and give the muscles a little more range to work with, the muscle tightness often resolves itself.

Here are 3 exercises I've found useful for improving hip joint restrictions:

(to perform these exercises you'll need a heavy-duty resistance band)

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Dr. Mike