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Experience The Next Level System:

Identify The Root Cause of Your Pain, Correct Weaknesses & Imbalances, and Have an Explosive Recovery


Be 1 of the 100s of residents of Central NJ and Mercer County who have experienced massive transformations from The Next Level System

(Plus develop the confidence and mindset that will have monumental breakthrough in your life, as you go through the journey of getting out of pain and back to doing what you love)



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Do you feel like you’re stuck on a hamster wheel in your recovery?....where you are constantly struggling to hit your next goal without ever achieving the results, impact, and freedom that you really deserve?


Tired of the draining stress that follows a day full of pain...instead of being able to actually engage in the activities that you love and enjoy your life?


Do you have a clear plan for how your recovery is going to identify and address the root cause of your pain so that you can achieve long-term results in your recovery?

Imagine having a treatment plan that is customized based on the root cause of your pain...so that you don’t have to depend on doctors, medicine, or weird devices…

....it is possible....and The NEXT LEVEL SYSTEM can help make it a reality in YOUR recovery

If you're a motivated athlete or active adult in pain looking for a solution, 

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What if you could:


Generate momentum and clarity in your recovery. No more struggling to find results.


Become empowered by being knowledgeable about your pain.


Have a comprehensive recovery system that’s based on identifying the root cause of your pain, correcting any weaknesses & imbalances, that combines the best treatment systems in the world to create a customized treatment plan specifically for you.

This is exactly what hundreds of athletes and active adults have achieved with The Next Level System.

And it’s what I want for you too.

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I’m Dr. Mike Wehrhahn and…

I am not your average physical therapist.

I got into healthcare after chronic injuries forced me to give up my dream of playing college basketball. I tried everything…doctors, surgeons, physical therapists, chiropractors…but nothing could provide answers and help me overcome my pain.


I knew there had to be more, so I decided to channel my passion and energy into becoming the answer for other people like me.

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I invested everything into...


...Mastering the human body

...Learning the latest techniques

...Seeking out the rarest treatment approaches

...Finding the top mentors


Through my studies, I came across numerous amazing approaches that could explain different aspects of pain and how to treat them at deeper levels…but no one knew about them!


Even fewer understood how to connect them.


So over the past several years my team and I have put together a system that combines the best aspects of these rare treatment approaches.


We call it the Next Level System.


It’s a comprehensive system that takes into account the multitude of variables that combine together to produce pain.


This system has allowed me to personally reclaim control over my own physical health (…even get back to playing basketball without knee pain!), and we’ve used it to help hundreds of clients of all ages and athletic abilities in Mercer County.


No one should have to give up the things they enjoy because of pain. If you live in the Central NJ area and struggle to enjoy the things you love because of pain or injury, this system will work for you.


The Next Level System is for dedicated athletes and active adults in Central NJ/Mercer County who are actively seeking a World-Class recovery program

The premise for The Next Level System is to identify the root cause of your pain, while providing the strategy to address the pain, teaching you the steps so that you can remain out of pain.


Through our 4 Pillars of Recovery strategy, you’ll address the necessary stages of your recovery at the right times, solidifying a foundation for long-lasting results.

If you are passionate about your health, this will work for you.

If pain restricts you from your Fitness Goals , this will work for you.

And the remarkable part?...


...The Next Level System is totally customized to match you.


Meaning that regardless of your age, body-type, or fitness level, you can start the Next Level System and finally begin to see results so that you grow to the next level in your recovery. Whether you’re training to stay active or you’re an Olympic Athlete.


We’ve developed a system that can accurately guide you according to your current movement patterns, body-structure, and goals.


The dynamics of this program have never been made available like this before…


...and definitely never this accessible to a local community

(World-Class Physical Therapy right here in Mercer County)


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[ How Does The Next Level System

Help With My Recovery? ]

If you’re reading this, there is a good chance you’re a Mercer County resident experiencing pain and looking for a solution…

...that is because our targeting for this promotion mainly includes Mercer County Residents who have been a part of our community for some time or have engaged with our content within the past few months.

If you don’t already know about how The Next Level System is one of the most powerful recovery frameworks for getting out of pain and achieving optimal results…


Many athletes and active adults have shared with us that The Next Level System has been the missing piece of their recovery success that is now allowing them to more effectively achieve a higher quality of training and competing.


How much more impactful would your recovery be if you had Word-Class physical therapists who could identify the root cause of your pain, guide you through a customized treatment plan, and teach you the exact steps on how to stay out of pain?

We have developed The Next Level System over the past few years and, we have spent thousands & thousands of hours implementing & refining it.


When you go through the Next Level System, you can fuel your recovery to a place where you experience a legitimate abundance of opportunities. And when you can engage your recovery from a place of strength, predictability, and clarity - you can start making better & better overall, long term decisions for your health and fitness.


Do it right and you will experience Physical Mastery in your recovery - the self-sustaining growth curve that helps deliver optimal health condition, long-term results, and a powerful mindset.

Do it right and you will experience Physical Mastery in your recovery - the self-sustaining growth curve that helps deliver optimal health condition, long-term results, and a powerful mindset.


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The Next Level System is designed for Athletes and Active Adults who are seeking a World-Class recovery system.


Because of the results we’ve seen + the demand we’ve received, we’ve developed a specialized system that can generate the kind of growth you are looking for (no matter where you are in your recovery)


Find out if the Next Level System is right for you


A plan based totally on you to maximize your recovery


An extensive knowledge base, including being strength coaches


Correct your weaknesses and imbalances


You PT will guide you the entire session with no additional aides


Welcome kit with tools to help you get started in your sessions



How to leverage the "4 Pillars of Recovery" to ensure that you are addressing the right pillar (Structure, Mindset, Movement, Capacity) in your recovery at the right time.


How to develop strength & endurance the right way to ensure your pain doesn't come back.


How to correct the #1 driver of pain...Movement dysfunction 


How to get to the deepest root of your pain, the foundation of recovery

How to fix your weaknesses & imbalances through a corrective exercise program that evolves as you progress.


The 7 Level System that provides the comprehensive ladder of steps needed to have a powerful and impactful recovery. 


Understanding “Movement Variability” and the importance of realigning movement patterns that set in from repetitive motion

Bottom-line: The Next Level System has everything you need to implement a major break-through in your recovery: Corrective Exercises, Customized Treatment Plans, Comprehensive Frameworks...all combined to give you a massive transformation in your life.


In the Next Level System, you are in the company of Mercer County’s elite athletes and active adults…

From active adults training for upcoming fitness competitions who use the 4 Pillars of Recovery to ensure that they are in the best shape to compete…


To professional athletes who are using corrective exercises to remain pain-free...


To student-athletes realizing that they don’t have career-ending injuries…


To adults learning that there is another solution outside of surgery...


Everyone who uses the Next Level System has 1 thing in common…


The desire to get out of pain, learn how to stay pain-free, all so that they can get back to doing what they love…

...and they know that the standard of their recovery is a responsibility that begins with them.

Beyond that…

They believe that health is important to their lifestyle and relationships.

They believe in true solutions over short-term gimmicks

They want long-term results.

They have challenging fitness goals.

They have high standards for their health.

They know that they have the knowledge and ability to live an active pain-free lifestyle for years into the future…

Are you next?

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It will give you access to the expertise of our world-class physical therapists...


It will get you back to doing what you love pain-free...


It will boost your confidence in living an active life…


It will give you clarity on why you’re in pain...


It will help you amass a higher quality of health and fitness...


It will provide the steps to remove pain if it ever returns...


It will increase your level of activity in your fitness

Click above to fill out the short form so can begin to assist you

Click above to fill out the short form so can begin to assist you

Click above to fill out the short form so can begin to assist you


Once schedules are filled up, it will be hard to make room for new appointments

See what our clients are saying...

Hear Results From Other Athletes & Active Adults Who Have Implemented The Next Level System in their Recovery:

“It has made my workouts more complete. It’s muscle enlightenment.”

“It was the way they positioned you and then the breathing, the way they get oxygen back into these places in your body while holding your body stable at the same time creates (A) Relief of any kind of pain you have (B) Stabilizes your body so now you have an equilibrium. So your body is symbiotic with everything”

“If you come here for one week and you don't feel better, bill me”

“I was expecting to come here and do the tedious little band stretches and get stretched out by the athletic trainer and just your typical tedious boring-type rehab stuff, you know. And then I come in and the first three weeks I'm here, all I do is breathe. It's not your dad's physical therapy. It's definitely new stuff. It's not what I expected when I got here. It's a different way of doing it, but it works. It does the things I need to do.”

“I didn't realize how much it would actually reset my mechanics for running and really change the way that I would move entirely.”

“I wasn't really sure what was going on. I tried a lot of foam rolling, I tried sports massages, I joined a yoga studio to try to stretch and get some of the perceived tightness to go away. None of that really helped.”

“I came to you, everything fell into place and then out of nowhere, I was the best I've ever been”

“The doctor that I saw told me that I shouldn't throw a baseball for at least two months. I came to Next Level, started throwing within a month. After another month, before I even should be throwing, I hit 95 for the first time. I learned a lot by coming here.”

“I would feel worse, go back to the chiropractor, get it fixed, feel worse again, and break it, go back get it fixed.”

“I really wanted to get better and I didn't want to think about what I was doing and that I couldn't do it. And now, I'm really at that point where everything seems better, even things that I didn't think needed to be better”

“I exploded this summer. I ended up winning the triple crown and the player of the year”

“I was thinking, am I really not going to be healthy in the spring for baseball? Like, is this going to affect the rest of my career to now, I'm at such a good point where I'm so glad I took off that time and came to Mike and finally just went right at it and attacked the problem. And it's completely paid off.”

“I'm much happier and I can interact with my kids, not even thinking about what we're going to do”

“Since I've been here it's allowed me to have a better understanding and framework of why I've moved this way for years. We had that open dialog, so it wasn't like I felt like there was too much hand-holding when it didn't need to be there.”

“I wanted to be pain-free, and able to workout the way I want to workout without having pain in my hip, and I’ve been able to do that.”

“Dr. Ben really treated my goals as just as important as some Olympic athletes goals would be. I really felt that he was trying to help me achieve my goals and be the best I could be, and was just so positive about it. Maintaining that positivity that I could improve, that I would get better, and just having that reassurance made it fabulous.”

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