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Why am I in pain?

How can I fix it?

This guide will help you answer these two questions.


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[FREE GUIDE] The 7 Critical Levels Of Recovery You Must Go Through To Permanently Get Rid of Pain In Your Body And Regain Your Active Lifestyle. 
Discover the step-by-step system to reclaim your physical freedom, take your body to new heights, and create an amazing lifestyle that’s unimpeded by pain...regardless of how long you’ve been suffering.
In this guide you'll discover:
  • Why most people fail with conventional rehabilitation approaches 

  • Why the solutions you’ve tried have failed and lead to frustration  

  • The 3 things you must know before pursuing any solution to pain  

  • The principles of recovery that transcend age, athletic ability, chronicity, and site of pain 

  • 4 Pillars of Rehabilitation that are crucial to regaining an empowered lifestyle 

  • The 7 Levels of Recovery you must go through to get rid of your pain...and ensure it never comes back 

  • Hope and encouragement from case studies of people who have demolished their pain and are living amazing lives  

  • Actionable steps to get out of pain and transform your life, regardless of where you hurt or how long you’ve been in pain

See People Who Became Pain-Free by Following the Steps in this Guide

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Karen overcame chronic back pain and is setting PRs in her triathlons 

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Michelle ended her hip pain and is back to crushing her workouts in the gym

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Why Did We Create This Guide For You?

Read this letter from the Founder to find out why

Years ago, I was just like you. Frustrated and confused by pain limiting my life. I had multiple injuries that held me back from fully enjoying the activities I loved.

I was determined to do whatever it took to get out of pain. I went to everyone...doctors, surgeons, physical therapists, chiropractors. Some treatments gave me slight relief but none helped me overcome my pain.  


I ultimately was forced to give up my dream of playing college basketbalI. I had a hard time accepting this fact. I spent many nights wondering why there was not one solution that worked!

But I realized I could not feel bad for myself forever. I needed to transform and become more. I could not let what happened to me happen to anyone else. And this became my life mission and declaration.


…Never sacrifice happiness over a pain that can be fixed!

So for the past several years, my team has combined the best treatment approaches in the world into one comprehensive system revealed in this guide.  

The system and principles enclosed have allowed me to personally reclaim control over my own physical health, and we’ve used it to transform the lives of countless other people. From Olympic gold medalists to active adults and everyone in between.

Be the achiever.
You can overcome this.  
Do not accept anything less than the best.  

Welcome to the Next Level!

- Dr. Mike Wehrhahn, DPT, SCS, CSCS

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Learn the step-by-step system to destroy pain in your body and regain joy in your life
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