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You Are Frustrated With Your Nagging Knee Pain


You Need Answers Now!

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Congratulations on taking action to find a solution. We promise in the next two minutes, you will have clear answers to these 2 powerful questions...


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Why Do I Have Knee Pain?

How Can I Get Rid Of It Completely?

Scroll down to find out what most people don’t realize about their knee pain and what you MUST KNOW to get rid of it completely.


[ How Does Knee Pain Happen? ]

[ Why Is It Recurring? ]

[ How Can I Get Rid Of It Completely? ]

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You Are One of These Types of People...

1. You are an active and motivated person who is frustrated and dissatisfied with being held back from knee pain. You’ve tried resting, stretches, and other forms of treatment and you feel you are missing something and need a deeper solution.
You’re ready to take action and solve this problem now.

If you are person #1, here are 2 options:

1. Call now to set up an appointment

2. Inquire about our services and availability

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2. You’re motivated to fix this knee pain but you’re uncertain about a solution. Before you get treatment from an expert, you want to do research and/or potentially fix it on your own.

If you are person #2, here are 2 options:

1. Try doing the frequently given stretches and exercises for the next 2 weeks to see if your pain goes away

2. Download our ebook and learn more about how to diagnose and treat your knee pain.

Hear Results From Other Athletes & Active Adults Who Have Implemented The Next Level System in their Recovery:

“It has made my workouts more complete. It’s muscle enlightenment.”

“It was the way they positioned you and then the breathing, the way they get oxygen back into these places in your body while holding your body stable at the same time creates (A) Relief of any kind of pain you have (B) Stabilizes your body so now you have an equilibrium. So your body is symbiotic with everything”

“If you come here for one week and you don't feel better, bill me”

“I was expecting to come here and do the tedious little band stretches and get stretched out by the athletic trainer and just your typical tedious boring-type rehab stuff, you know. And then I come in and the first three weeks I'm here, all I do is breathe. It's not your dad's physical therapy. It's definitely new stuff. It's not what I expected when I got here. It's a different way of doing it, but it works. It does the things I need to do.”

“I would feel worse, go back to the chiropractor, get it fixed, feel worse again, and break it, go back get it fixed.”

“I really wanted to get better and I didn't want to think about what I was doing and that I couldn't do it. And now, I'm really at that point where everything seems better, even things that I didn't think needed to be better”

“I'm much happier and I can interact with my kids, not even thinking about what we're going to do”

“Since I've been here it's allowed me to have a better understanding and framework of why I've moved this way for years. We had that open dialog, so it wasn't like I felt like there was too much hand-holding when it didn't need to be there.”

“I didn't realize how much it would actually reset my mechanics for running and really change the way that I would move entirely.”

“I wasn't really sure what was going on. I tried a lot of foam rolling, I tried sports massages, I joined a yoga studio to try to stretch and get some of the perceived tightness to go away. None of that really helped.”

“I came to you, everything fell into place and then out of nowhere, I was the best I've ever been”

“The doctor that I saw told me that I shouldn't throw a baseball for at least two months. I came to Next Level, started throwing within a month. After another month, before I even should be throwing, I hit 95 for the first time. I learned a lot by coming here.”

“I exploded this summer. I ended up winning the triple crown and the player of the year”

“I was thinking, am I really not going to be healthy in the spring for baseball? Like, is this going to affect the rest of my career to now, I'm at such a good point where I'm so glad I took off that time and came to Mike and finally just went right at it and attacked the problem. And it's completely paid off.”

“I wanted to be pain-free, and able to workout the way I want to workout without having pain in my hip, and I’ve been able to do that.”

“Dr. Ben really treated my goals as just as important as some Olympic athletes goals would be. I really felt that he was trying to help me achieve my goals and be the best I could be, and was just so positive about it. Maintaining that positivity that I could improve, that I would get better, and just having that reassurance made it fabulous.”

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