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February 28, 2018

Your core isn't weak. It's just out of sync.

Have you been told by a physician or a therapist, that you need to strengthen your core? Have you been told that strengthening your core will solve all your problems?

If you are an upright human being who can sit up and walk,...

January 25, 2016

Want to squat better? Tired of knee pain with running? Has your ankle not felt right since you sprained it? You might want to check your ankle mobility.


Ankle dorsiflexion mobility is one of the most neglected factors in rehab and fitness. What’s ankle dorsiflexion? In...

December 16, 2015

After spending the past year and a half working with Phil Plisky and Kyle Kiesel, I’ve naturally been getting a lot of questions from colleagues about the Functional Movement Systems. A good chunk of them revolve around the differences between the Functional Movement S...

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